How To Create A New Account From Bitrix24.Network

If you have already registered at Bitrix24.Network, you can create a new Bitrix24 account at any time. Here is how:

  1. Log in to your Bitrix24.Network Profile.
  2. Click Create Bitrix24.
  3. Done! Your Bitrix24 account is created.

First steps in a new Bitrix24 account

  1. Select your Bitrix24 most used items (CRM, Tasks and Projects, Communications or Sites). It will determine what page will be displayed as the main page - CRM, Tasks, Activity Stream messages or Sites. This can be reset later with the help of Configure menu option.
  2. You can always use the Help section. Click the ? button at the top right corner to learn more about Bitrix24.
  3. Fill out your profile: click on the person icon at the top right corner > My Profile > Edit. Here you can add your photo, position, set date of birth, etc.
    Read more in the article - My Profile.
  4. Open the Bitrix24 Settings page to configure work time parameters, set company name to display in the header, etc. Here you can choose one of 2 available options to be used by the system: company & employees or organization & users (the last one may be of interest for non-profits, various communities, educational or religious institutions or other clubs).
  5. Invite users to your Bitrix24 account by clicking the Invite users button.
    Read more in the article - How to add new users to Bitrix24.

You can always navigate from your Bitrix24 account to your Bitrix24.Network profile page and back.

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