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New in Bitrix24

We are constantly working on new Bitrix24 features. So, here's a list of updates.

CRM Store

CRM Store is a new tool designed for making online sales. Just send an SMS to your client with a link to the order. The client follows the link and pays the order online.

Read more in the article - CRM Store.

Add your company details to the order payment page

Now you can receive payments from your clients using the CRM Store. All you need to do is to configure payment methods and provide the client with his/her order information, including your company details.

Read more in the article - Add your company details to the order payment page.

Top Grossing Clients in CRM

Top Grossing clients report shows clients with the highest total amount of won deals. The data from this report may be useful, for example, when creating a loyalty program or making personal discounts.

Read more in the article - Top Grossing Clients in CRM.

Individual performance report

The Individual performance report helps you to rank your sales managers by the amount of won deals. Use the information form this report to evaluate the work results of each manager.

Read more in the article - Individual performance report in CRM Analytics.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a form of business process automation in a company. You can automate almost any business process in your company, especially if it involves several participants. Creating workflows using the RPA tool is like working with automation rules in tasks or CRM.

Extensions for embedding the knowledge base to a section

There is an Extensions button in some sections. This button allows you to add a new knowledge base to this section.

Read more in these articles - Add a knowledge base to a section and Filling a knowledge base.

New HD video calls

We are constantly working on the quality of the video calls. Now you can make video calls in HD quality in group chats absolutely free!

Also, we've increased the number of participants in group video calls to 24 for commercial plans subscribers! Free plan users can still use group video calls for groups of up to 12 employees.

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