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New Bitrix24 plans

If your business has overgrown the current plan and needs more to keep on growing, you can choose between two new plans: Professional x2 and Professional x3. You'll be able to store more documents and files, build analytical reports for more elements, etc.

Advantages of new plans

The new plans provide you with more online storage space, advanced analytical reports, and allow sending more emails. These plans are the best solution for large companies that use marketing emails and advertising campaigns intensively. We recommend upgrading to the Professional x2 or Professional x3 plan if your business is growing rapidly, and your demands exceed the capabilities of the Professional plan.

Upgrade to Professional x2 plan

  • Online storage: 2 TB
  • CRM analytics reports: up to 200,000 elements
  • Sales Intelligence reports: up to 200,000 elements
  • Email marketing: 2,000,000 emails per month

Upgrade to Professional x3 plan

  • Online storage: 3 TB
  • CRM analytics reports: up to 300,000 elements
  • Sales Intelligence reports: up to 300,000 elements
  • Email marketing: 3,000,000 emails per month
You can compare different Bitrix24 plans on the Bitrix24 Cloud pricing page.
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