How to contact Bitrix24 Support

Bitrix24 Support specialists process the requests one after another. We received a large number of spam messages this year. As a result, Support specialists don't reply on time to requests where their help is needed urgently.

Due to these reasons, you can now contact Support from only one place: Help widget. Click the Question icon to open the Help widget.

Scroll the widget to the bottom > click Ask question.

Bitrix24 Support chat is available to commercial plans subscribers only. Also, you need to be an administrator of your Bitrix24 to contact support.

How to find an answer quickly

There are lots of free Helpdesk articles and videos where you can find the answers to most of your questions. Use the search option to find a Helpdesk article you need.

We are constantly working on improvements to our Help widget so that you can find answers even more quickly. So stay tuned!

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