Updates in working with Tasks and Projects

We have updated tasks and projects. The counters in tasks are working better now; we've changed texts of the system comments and implemented the automatic reading mechanism. Also, we've added a new slider for selecting projects in the kanban view.

Counters in tasks

Sometimes errors occurred while using the counters. For example, the counter showed 20 overdue tasks, but in reality, there were none. We've fixed this issue, and now counters show the real numbers.

Automatic reading mechanism

We've updated the logic of the system comments. Now the counter appears only for those users who need to see the system comment.

For example, observers and task creators do not receive a system comment that the task is almost overdue. For these roles, these comments are read automatically. The system comment that the responsible person has completed the task is also automatically read.

The new mechanism will not affect the sorting of tasks by the activity - the tasks with the recent activity are moved up on the list.

New texts of the system comments

We've also updated the texts of the system notifications. In the new version, you can view a user profile or view his/her efficiency. Just click the appropriate link in the system notification.

Selecting projects in the kanban view

The new button for selecting projects in the kanban view is now available!

Click the current project name and select another project to switch to another kanban.

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