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Add a new CRM form using the new designer

Go to the CRM section > CRM Forms.

Click the Add new form button.

Next, select the most suitable use case.

You can select one of four use cases (others will be available soon):

  • Contact information - collects customer phone numbers and emails.
  • Feedback - collects customer reviews and opinions.
  • Callback - allows your clients to use the callback option.
  • Expert mode - customize the entirety of the form preferences.
New CRM forms do not support working with products at the moment.

Contact information and Feedback


Select the fields that are needed for this CRM form. By default, there are four fields automatically added to the CRM form: First Name, Last Name, Phone, E-mail. You can also delete, edit fields, change their order, or add new ones by clicking the Add a field button.

Checkmark the needed fields and click Save.

The selected fields will appear in the CRM form.

You can change the order of the fields in CRM form by dragging and dropping the corresponding field's six dots button.

Click the Add separator button to add the separator. For example, select the Line type of separator.

You can move the separator the way you need it.

You can also add the text header. Click Add separator > Text header. You can edit the text of the header by clicking the Pencil button.

If you want to add another form page, click the Add header > Form page.

For the correct functioning of multi-page CRM forms, the Form page separator needs to be the first one in the list of fields.

Any field or separator can be deleted. Click the delete button.


We have updated all of our services to ensure that they comply with GDPR guidelines. Multiple consents are now supported in one CRM form. Select an existing user agreement or create a new one.

Click the pencil button to select the agreement behavior.

CRM entities

Select the CRM entities that will be created in your CRM after the CRM form submission.

For additional settings configuration, click the Expert mode button.

If you want to create an order, enable the corresponding option. It allows you to work with invoices. You can also activate the Show payment form after submission option.

Form hosting

You can select the CRM form hosting in this section.

You can select the On external site > copy the code > add it to your website where you want the form to be shown.

To have the form show up when a link or a button is clicked, select the Show form on button click > insert the form code before this element. If your page contains multiple command elements, add the code before each link or button.

To show this form on all pages of your site, select the Auto show option > add the code between the tags <head> and </head>.

To save the changes, don't forget to click the Save button.

Other settings

You can change the form name in this section. You can also add persons responsible for this form.

The Show banner Powered by Bitrix24 option can be disabled only by commercial plans' subscribers. This option is not available if you're using the Free plan.



If you want to use the CRM form as a callback form so that your clients can order a call, you need to configure the telephony first and enable the Use as callback form option.

Expert mode

Client match

The Client match option is available in the expert mode.

For example, you have the contact details of your client. You can send the client an email > attach the link to the CRM form in which the client can leave their feedback. If the client clicks the link in their email and leaves feedback, it will be automatically linked to the client in your CRM.

Thus, the CRM forms "recognize" the customer and automatically insert data into the corresponding fields.

Headers and buttons

You can personalize the CRM form. Select variables from the field's context menu by clicking the three-dots button. Instead of the variables, the client's contact details are automatically inserted. You can also edit the submit button text.

Spam protection

You can use the reCAPTCHA system to protect your website from spam.

The key to the invisible form is not required. But if you have your own key, enable the Use custom reCAPTCHA settings option and enter the key.

Field show rules

You can configure the field show rules in this section.

Currently, the only option available is Different field values manage different fields. Click the Create rule button.

Select the required fields and their values. Thus, after the customer fills out a form field, another field will be shown. For example, a customer wants to order something to print. If he chooses A4 in the print format field, then the file field will be shown in the 1280x720 resolution.

The rules are applied strictly one-by-one. If displaying the same field is involved in several conditions, then the field will appear only on the last condition.

Post-submit action

In this section, you can choose an action that will be taken after the client has submitted the CRM form. You can customize the message that will appear after submitting the form.

By default, two types of messages are available: after successful submission and if the submission failed.

Click the Edit text button to edit the text.

You can also set the Redirect option if the submission is successful or failed. You can specify the Delay before redirect.

Default values

Select one or more CRM entity fields you want to set after a user submits the form. Click the Add a filed button.

Select a field. This field will not be visible to the client. For example, we want to learn where the client has come from and configure the automation rule based on this information. Let's select the Source field.

Specify the required field value by clicking on the pencil icon. You can use special tags available in the menu beside the Field Value text box.


Events are registered automatically if a Google Analytics counter exists on the page. No additional configuration is required.
Read more in the article - Connect your website to Google Analytics.

Facebook Lead Ads

In this section, you can set up Facebook Lead Ads. What is it for? It simplifies the process of collecting information about leads. A client can click on the ad, and a pre-filled form with their Facebook contact information will appear ready to submit.

Click Connect.

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