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Answers to popular questions about CRM forms

This article will be supplemented with new popular questions.

What is the difference between the new CRM form designer and the classic one?

The forms processor has become more modern. It means that forms load faster and there are a lot of new features. The new designer allows you to change the design without using CSS.

Where to read about the new CRM form designer?

We have prepared several articles about CRM forms:

Do I need to re-insert the CRM forms code on my site?

If you haven't made any changes to the CRM forms code, you don't need to do anything. The transition to the new forms will happen automatically. If you have changed the code, replace it with a new one.

Why is the site address displayed in the form address, not the address of the Bitrix24?

It happens because the new forms run on the sites engine. The address of sites is You can change the domain address. Read more in the article How to change the CRM form domain.

The CSS you set up earlier stopped working. Why did it happen?

The new CRM forms designer has more complex layout and additional interface features. That`s why it is technically impossible to transfer CSS for the old forms to new ones correctly.

How to edit CSS now?

You can edit the form design in a special section. Read more about it in the article New design of the CRM forms. Use JS for more serious modifications.

Can I change a slant or a size of the font in the form?

At the moment, you can only choose the appropriate font.

Why are orders, not invoices, created after filling out the form?

The new CRM forms support only orders.

If you have a large number of forms created in Bitrix24, it may take 15-30 minutes to switch to a new editor.

At the moment, the field Address will not display a list of options.

Currently, you cannot add products to a CRM form in the new designer. If you need to work with products, switch to the classic form designer.

If you created forms with products before the update, they will continue to work.
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