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How to change the CRM form domain

This is a temporary solution. We are working on a more convenient way to change the domain.

Go to CRM > CRM Forms > and scroll to Preset Forms.

You can change the domain in the settings of the preset form Contact Info. Press Edit buttton.

Open the form Contact Info > click on the gear icon > go to Page Settings.

Go to the Site settings.

Here you can change the site address or connect your own domain.

Read more information about your own domain in the article Connect your Bitrix24.Sites website or Bitrix24 Online Store to your own domain.

To change the site's subdomain, click on the pencil.

Specify a subdomain. If the name is already taken, select another one.

Save the settings. After that, the form will be available at the new address. The subdomain will change for all CRM forms.

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