Personalized CRM forms and "Client match" feature

Personalized forms are forms in which customer data is filled in automatically. Such forms are convenient to use when you survey your regular customers. The first name, the last name or the company name will be filled in with data from the CRM card. Clients won't have to spend time filling out information you have in CRM card.

The Client match feature allows you to use personalized CRM forms. They are enabled in all forms and do not require any setting.

How to set personalized CRM forms

Personalized forms work only for customers who are already in the CRM.

You can send a personal link with a robot. The customers will click the link and see the form, in which their data are already filled in.

For example, you have a courses studio and you want to give a lesson for free to your regular customers. Let's create a CRM form where customers can choose a gift.

The form will display the client's name, last name and a field in which the client will write the name of the course lesson.

In the CRM, create a robot that sends a letter to customers, and write a small accompanying text.

Add a link to the form. Select Personalized CRM forms and the desired form.

How to use personalized forms

Make sure that the contacts to whom the robot will send emails have their email addresses, first names, and last names filled out.

Move the deal to the next stage. The robot will send an email to the client.

Inside the email, you will see a special parameter that the robot adds to the form link. This parameter distinguishes a personalized form from an ordinary one.

When the client clicks the link, the name and the surname will be already filled in.

The gift that the client has chosen will be displayed in the CRM card.

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