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Recurring tasks


  1. Create recurring task:

    To create a recurring task open "new task" form & use the 'full task form' tab to open additional options,

    unroll 'more' menu – you can set 'repeat task' parameters there:

    A recurring task can be created from the 'Task templates' section too: go to 'My Tasks' page > create from task template > view all tasks templates > add template.

    Fill in the required fields: tasks name, responsible person, description, etc. Use the option 'Repeat task every' to set the frequency of repetition (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).

    Please note that when you create a task with a 'repeat task' option , it will be automatically turned into the task template. The template is available to the task creator only.

  2. Change a recurring task:

    Go to 'Tasks templates', open the template (use 'edit' option), make the necessary changes and click 'Save'. New tasks generated by the edited task template will be created with these changes.

  3. Delete recurring task:

    To delete the recurring task you need to edit this recurring task’s template: change the 'repeat task' parameters or delete the template if necessary. Please note that if you want to delete the recurring tasks completely - you may need to remove the tasks generated by the recurring task template manually as well, because the tasks created by the recurring task template won’t be deleted together with this template.

  4. Delete recurring task, if the task’s responsible user is dismissed:

    Go to Company > Employees > inactive>sel ect the task’s responsible user > go to his\her page > Tasks > open the list of all tasks templates (create fr om tasks templates – view all tasks templates)> delete the recurring task template.

  5. Create recurring task that avoids holidays or weekends:

    In the new task (template) creation form, under 'repeat task' section - switch on the option 'Working day only'.

  6. "Deadline ____days after the task is created" field:

    In the new task template creation form you can see 'Deadline ____days after the task is created' option, that allows to set a deadline for the tasks which will be automatically generated by the recurring task template . The system will set the deadline by adding the specified number of days to the task creation date.

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