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Recurring task - is a task that repeats on any regular schedule.
You can turn any Bitrix24 task into recurring one. Schedule when the recurring should start and end, configure repeat parameter frequency. Created recurring tasks templates can be edited or deleted, and the tasks suspended.

1. Create recurring task: open New Task form, fill in the required fields: tasks name, responsible person, description, etc. & unroll More menu > Repeat:

2. Activate Repeat option:

Set Repeat Task frequency: 
  • Repeat term: set task repeat frequency 
  • Make recurring after: set date after which recurring tasks will be automatically created based on this template. 
  • Repeat until: set recurring tasks finish date or add condition to disable tasks recurring after set number of interactions (e.g. tasks will stop repeating after 5 tasks have been created based on this template)

3. Recurring task template: all recurring tasks will be automatically created by the system based on the repeat task template. When you create a new task & activate Repeat parameter, the recurring task template is created automatically. You can access the template 2 ways: from created task form (see below) or from Tasks > Templates

Important: you can share the recurring task template with other users with the help of Permissions option inside the task form.
Open task template page:

Here is a set of actions available for tasks template creator:

  • Delete template - please note that if you want to delete all associated recurring tasks completely - you need to remove the tasks generated by the recurring task template manually as well (the tasks created by the recurring task template won’t be deleted together with the template).
  • Edit template - make necessary changes & save template; new tasks generated by the edited task template will be created with these changes.
  • Copy template 
  • Create task on this template
  • Add subtemplate
  • Suspend recurring task
Please note that configured repeat task condition will not create all recurring tasks at once. Each time the task is scheduled to repeat it will automatically appear in your Bitrix24 tasks list.

Delete recurring task when responsible user is dismissed

Go to Company > Employees > Inactive & find the task’s responsible user. Go to User Profile page > Tasks & open Tasks Templates. You can delete the recurring task template here. 

You may need to activate admin mode inside your own Profile page to be able to see all user's tasks. 

Deadline In Parameter For Recurring Tasks

Inside recurring task template form you will find Deadline In option, that allows to set a deadline for the tasks which will be automatically generated by the recurring task template. The system will set the deadline by adding the specified number of days\hours\minutes to the task creation date.

Click Options to unroll additional options, such as:

  • Responsible person may change deadline: responsible user can change task deadline & time planning (for particular tasks created by the template); task creator will be notified about such changes.
  • Skip weekends & holidays: if the task planned dates encounter weekends or holidays, task duration will be extended. Click Customize option to add weekends & work time settings for your account (you will be redirected to Account Settings page).
  • Approve task when completed: after responsible user has finished the task, it is sent to the task creator for revision (task will be closed if creator approves, or bounced back to responsible user if not).
  • Task template for a new employee: tasks will be created automatically based on this template for new users added to your account.

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