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Currencies in CRM


Add new currency

You can add new currencies or edit existing ones under CRM > Settings > Start Point > Currency.

Here you can add new currencies, edit them, set default & base currencies. You can even delete all currencies except for the base one.

Currency Form

Currency: 3-letters international currency abbreviation (e.g. USD, EUR, etc.)

Base currency: currency that will be taken as a base for other currencies exchange rating. For example, if US dollar is set as base currency, then exchange rates for other currencies will be shown in relation to the base - US dollar. Obviously, you can set only one currency as base currency in your Bitrix24 CRM. 

Base currency will be taken for new deals calculation. In case you decide to change your base currency - your old deals won't be recalculated. 

Default invoicing currency: this currency will be set in invoices as default, meaning all new invoices will be calculated in this currency. 

Reporting currency: sales reports will be calculated in this currency.

If you don't have default invoicing & reporting currencies selected, base currency will be taken for reports, deals & invoices calculation.  

Important: exchange rate change does not lead to existing deals or invoices recalculation. New exchange rate will be applied for new deals or invoices only.

Assign currency name in those interface languages you work with, otherwise the currency won't be supported after you've change Bitrix24 interface language. 

Please make sure you've added # sign after currency format symbol in a new currency settings form.

Currency exchange rate can be set up to .0000, but in quotes, invoices & reports numbers are round off to 0.00

"Currency with ID cannot be found" error

Most likely you haven’t chosen the 'base' CRM currency. Go to CRM > Settings > Start Point > Currencies > choose currency make it base currency.

"Base currency cannot be deleted" error

This error can occur if the currency has exchange rate = 1.0000 (the default base currency exchange rate) – which means the system considers this currency as base one.

You need to change the exchange rate for this currency - and you will be able to delete it after.

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