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Connect Google calendar


Google calendar can be connected to your Bitrix24 account on Calendar page under My Workspace:

Add your Google login & password in the pop-up window:

Allow Bitrix24 to have the listed permissions to your Google Calendar:

New connected Google calendar will appear on the right marked as synchronized with the last synchronization time stamp:

Google Calendar and Bitrix24 synchronization works both ways.

Important: a special calendar is created in Bitrix24 calendars list for events exported from your personal google calendar. If you want events from Bitrix24 to be synchronized to your google calendar – you need to add them to this particular “google” calendar in your Bitrix24 (calendar can be chosen in the event creation form):

The events added to the "google" calendar in Bitrix24, will appear in your connected Google calendar:

*If you had Bitrix24 & Google Calendar synchronization configured before (old method), we recommend to reconnect it.

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