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Custom fields, forms & tabs in CRM records


Add new custom fields

You can add new custom fields in CRM>Settings> Start Point > Form & Report Settings > Custom fields (read more in our Training Course) or in the new CRM record creation form with the help of "add field" option:

Please note that with this option you can add only fields of string, date, yes\no, number types. To add fields of list, file or bind to.. types - go to CRM>Settings>Custom fields.
After the field is created you can add it to the form with the "show field" option:

Here is how you can add List type of field:

  • e.g. you need to add "region" type of field to the lead - open CRM>Settings>Custom fields>Leads - add field;
  • choose field type="list";
  • if you need to be able to choose several values in the same field - please enabled "multiple" option
  • if you need this field to be mandatory to be filled, please choose "required"
  • choose design "list" or "checkbox"
  • open List page:

  • add field values names


Delete\hide fields in CRM record's details form

Open the CRM record for editing - either from records list - Choose "edit" in the CRM record's actions menu:

or open the record's details page & clcik "edit" option inside:

You will see "hide" icon on the right next to the filed - click on it to hide the field:

Please note that you can always put the hidden fields back with the help of "show" option at the end of record's details page:

In case you would like to completely delete any of the custom fields you have created, go to CRM>Settings>Custom fields.

Save new CRM record creation form preferences for all users

Bitrix24 administrators can save the configured new CRM record creation form for all users. Click More>"save preferences for all users" in the configured CRM record creation form:

You can always “reset settings” there as well.

How to make all CRM record's form fields visible

In the new CRM record's form open More">Reset settings:

Tabs (Activity, Stream, History, etc.)

You can configure existing CRM records details page tabs or add new ones with the "form settings" option:

In the Form settings window you can add new tabs (or edit existing ones) and fill the tabs with the existing CRM record’s fields:

You can always switch between custom \ default tabs views:

Please note that tab settings are individual and each user has to configure his\her own form.

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