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Change the first administrator


Bitrix24 account creator (a user who registered your Bitrix24 account) is considered the 1st administrator and account owner (*for free plans, paid plans “ownership” can be treated differently).

In Bitrix24 the 1st administrator can be taken off his admin status and dismissed by another account administrator, but cannot be completely deleted, as any other account user. 

Depending on your subscription plan you can have from 1 (Free plan) to an unlimited number of administrators (Professional plan). Any account user can be given admin status. For that open User Profile for editing & enable option Employee Has Administrative Access To The Portal:

How to change 1st Administrator for Commercial Accounts

To dismiss 1st administrator new account admin:

  • go to Company > Employees
  • find administrator, click on Settings next to the user's name > Dismiss 
Alternatively: you can take away admin rights form the user instead. For that new administrator should open user's profile page for editing & disable Employee Has Administrative Access To Portal option.

If you have access to the 1st admin account, you can simply change the email address & password used for authorization in Bitrix24 Network:

  • open 1st admin’s profile for editing & click “Edit my Bitrix24 passport”:

  • click “edit profile” in the Bitrix24 Network page:

  • use “change email address” option to add new email address & password:

In order to change the email address for system notifications, please go to Settings > Account Settings > E-mail of the site administrator (default sender address) - and add new administrator's email address there.

How to change 1st Administrator for Free Plan Accounts

If you have Bitrix24 Free plan, it means your account is limited to 1 account administrator. To have more admins you need to upgrade. 

If you need to change the account administrator for your Free plan you need either to upgrade or to activate free 30 days demo. It will allow you to add new admin & take admin rights form the 1st account administrator.

In case you decide to activate the demo, please remember you will be able to add up to 10 administrators to your account. When the free trial period is over, your Bitrix24 account will have only one administrator again (the last logged in administrator).

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