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Time Settings for phone numbers


Off Hours Calls Settings 

There is a possibility to change the phone number’s time settings in rented number or connected SIP PBX configuration page (Number Preferences page). This option allows to inform your clients that the calls performed outside the working hours frame cannot be assisted.

Telephony number time settings can be configured under Telephony > Connection:

Open Connection Settings (for SIP PBX) or Configure Number (for Rented Number):

Activate Phone hours  option under Time Settings to unroll the menu:

The telephony number Time Settings options will appear:

  • Time Zone - this option allows to choose the Time Zone for the working hours parameter (usually it is same Time Zone as set on your computer).
  • Working hours - all calls outside this time frame will be processed as “off hours calls”.
  • Days off - all calls on the chosen days will be processed as “off hours calls”.
  • *In order to clear days off mark (e.g. you are working 7 days per week, without days off) - leave one day marked as day off, then hold CMD (Mac) or CTRL (Windows) & click on the only day off left - this will delete all days off.

  • Off hours calls processing - which way the off hours calls will be processed:
    1. Use voice mail - the missed calls audio recording will be playing by default, you can upload your own music or recording as well:
    2. Forward call to specified number - the off hours call will be forwarded to the number you set in the form (the number must be in the international format):
    3. End call - the off hours calls will be declined. (for toll-free calls, when this option is enabled, the calls will be declined & won’t be charged).

Off Hours Calls Processing

1. If the call has been missed due to the working hours settings, than there are several ways the call will be treated by Bitrix24 CRM: If the search for caller’s phone number ID hasn’t been performed in Bitrix24 CRM (the settings option for search is not switched on), in this case a user from the call forwarding queue will get the missed call notification.

2. The phone number has been checked in Bitrix24 CRM and:

a) The number is found in the CRM database, in this case the call will be attached to the CRM record & it’s responsible will get the call notification.

b) The number isn’t found in the CRM database, if the option “automatically create new lead” is chosen, than the new lead will be created with call activity and the notification will be sent to a user from the queue.

c) The number isn’t found in the CRM database, option “offer to create a new record in the call window” is chosen, than the notification about the missed call will be sent to a user from the queue, but call recording will not be created.

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