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Working with tasks


  1. Tasks list and Gantt Chart views:

    Tasks can be viewed as simple list or as Gantt Chart:

    You can read a more detailed explanation on Lists functions, filter options & Gantt chart color bars in our Training Course.

  2. Change task responsible for a group of tasks:

    You can filter tasks list by the definite parameter & use the group action "assign responsible" for the filtered group of tasks.
    For example, if one of your employees has been dismissed and you need to change responsible person for the dismissed employee’s tasks, you can do it the following way:

    • Open "All" tasks section & filter tasks by the condition responsible person = name of your dismissed employee (open "extended" filter to get more filter options):

      Please note that you can set more filter parameters, e.g. status=active, created on date, etc.

    • Choose tasks fr om the list or click apply "For all" option and click "set responsible person" in the group actions menu:

  3. Who has access to all tasks in your Bitrix24?

    Only Bitrix24 administrators have access to all tasks in your Bitrix24. Department’s heads have access to the tasks of their subordinates only. All other employees have access to their own tasks or tasks wh ere they are involved (as participant, observer, their groups’ tasks).

  4. How to see all tasks in Bitrix24

    In case you have access to other employees tasks (you are Bitrix24 administrator or department’s head), you can view all tasks you have access to. Open "All" tasks section and tick filter condition "show subordinate’s tasks" or "show unaffiliated tasks":

  5. Filtering tasks

    You can set various parameters to filter all tasks you have access to, open Tasks>All>Filter - here you can either click "Extended" to see more filter options, or use "Add" option to add custom filter condition or condition group.

  6. Export tasks

    Tasks list can be exported to Excel or Outlook. You can find this option in task list filter (in "All" tasks section):

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