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Change my Bitrix24 login


How can I change my Bitrix24 login

Bitrix24 users can change their Bitrix24 login in their Bitrix24 Network Profile Page. Here is how:

  • To open your Bitrix24 Network Profile Page - login to Bitrix24 Network and click “my Profile” option under your profile photo:

  • Click “edit profile” in the right top corner:

  • In your Bitrix24 Network Profile Page you will see your current login and password, click “change email”:

  • In the “Change email” window please change your email for a new one and type your current password:

    You will see a notification message that a "confirmation has been sent to your new email address":

  • Open your inbox (new email) and find "confirm your new email" message from Bitrix24, click the link provided inside:

    After that you will see "email address succesfully confirmed" message in your Bitrix24 Network profile page:

"A user with that email already exists" error

Sometimes when you try to change your email address in Bitrix24 Network profile page you may get "A user with that email already exists" error:

This error indicates that another Bitrix24 Network account (profile) with the same email address already exists. This may happen if you have registered to Bitrix24 Network with this email address before or if you have logged in to Bitrix24 Network with any of your social networks accounts registered at the same email address.

For example, in case you have logged in to Bitrix24 Network with Google Plus account that haven't been previously connected to your existing profile - a new Bitrix24 Network profile may be created with the gmail address automatically bound to this account:

What you can do is login to Bitrix24 Network with the email address you've failed to add to your account and change it for different (but valid) one, after that you will be able to add this email address to your main Bitrix24 account. Please note that if don't remember your password you can always reset it here.

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