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Appreciation badges & announcements

In order to add a new appreciation badge or an announcement, click More inside Activity Stream.

Appreciation badges

Send appreciation badges to your colleagues or coworkers. This is a motivational tool, which allows you to show appreciation of employees and management for outstanding work. Click More > Appreciation in the message form, choose badge and add recipients.


Sometimes you may need to draw attention of your colleagues to some important information  - this can be done with the help of  Announcement option.

Click the arrow next to More button > Announcements.

Type the text of the announcement and select users who will see this announcement. Also, you can click Always next to show announcement sign and select the time period when this announcement will be shown in the announcement widget on the right.

The announcement you’ve added will be marked with a different color in the Activity Stream and there will also appear an announcement widget on the right side:

Users who have “marked announcement as read” are countered automatically & you will be able to see who has read the important message already. For those users who haven’t marked the message as read, the announcement widget will stay hanging on the right side of the account.

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