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Bitrix24 users can create Lists under Company>Lists or inside Workgroups>Lists section. Please note that only workgroup owner can create new Lists inside his\her own workgroup:

Important: only the group owner has access to full workgroup List manage bar, which includes export to excel, List settings & Business Processes sections:

Workgroup's List access permissions are configured in each List separately:

Users who have only "read" access level for the List will see only the List elements without the manage List bar (even Bitrix24 administrators):

User with access level "limited edit" will be able to add elements to the list; users with access level "edit" will be able to add elements and manage sections.

Using the Lists

Please read this article to learn how to work with Lists in Bitrix24. Here is a short overview of how to prepare the List template:

- create or open the List;

- open "List Settings":

- open "List fields":

- click "add field" to add a new one or "edit" to edit one of the existing fields:

- in the new field settings page set the field name and choose field type:

There are several field types available, for example: you can choose detailed picture to be able to attach images to this field or list to select from the given list of values. In case you set field type as "list" - a "list property values" form will be automatically added, open it to add list values:

- if you need to be able to select several element values from this field, you need to check "multiple" option;

- "required" - this option specifies that this field must exist when adding a new list item.

Please note that you won't be able to add\save new List elements until this field value is chosen, alternatively - you can set a default value for this field. Important: for "list" field type - you will need to save the new field settings first to be able to set the default field value.

- finally after the new field is saved you can add them to the Elements List page: open Elements list>Edit list>List columns - check the added fields & click Apply:

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