Zendesk integration app

If you work with Zendesk tickets and you need to keep an eye on them while working in Bitrix, this integration app might be for you.
It allows you to view and create Zendesk tickets right from the Leads, Contacts, and Companies of your Bitrix24 account without switching between the apps.


Find the app in the Market section of your Bitrix24 account:
Click Install:
After you read and accept the Terms and Conditions, click install once more:
Finish the installation process:
When you're offered to Log in, it means the app is now successfully installed:

Go ahead, and you'll be all set 🙂


The Subdomain can be easily found in the URL address bar when inside your Zendesk account: Your User name is an email that you normally use when logging into your Zendesk account.
Generate the API key in the admin panel of your Zendesk account: Connect when ready: And get a confirmation of successfully connecting. 🙂

Viewing tickets

Click on the Zendesk Tickets tab in the CRM slider panel to open the list: Here you will see the basic information about the tickets associated with that particular client: Subject keyword search is also available: Clicking on a particular subject will redirect you to the ticket page in Zendesk:
Zendesk tickets created from Bitrix show as new activities in the CRM timeline.

Creating tickets

After successfully connecting the app, any user with access to Leads, Contacts, and Companies in Bitrix24 CRM can create Zendesk tickets.
There must be at least one email in the CRM record to be able to create tickets.
There are two ways of creating the tickets from the Bitrix24 interface:
1. Using the Create Ticket button from the Zendesk Tickets tab: 2. By clicking the New Ticket option in the CRM timeline activities panel: Either way, the interface for creating the actual ticket is the same:
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