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Tasks with subtasks templates


Task template is a pre-set task form which is used in order to automatically generate new tasks based on the template conditions. You can create a new task template from Tasks > Templates page:

Here you can add new template or edit an existing one.

Recurring tasks are based on task templates. Please edit recurring task template if you need to make changes to all future tasks that will be generated by this template.

The template form is similar to the task form. Here you can add all conditions the tasks generated by this template will have: task name, involved users, etc. The deadline can be set wit the help of "Deadline in ___ days\hours\minutes" option. 

If you open one of the task template you have saved, you'll find History below the template. The History tab will show all automatically scheduled tasks. 

Task with subtasks template

Subtasks come in handy when a strict control is required over complex and sophisticated tasks. Such tasks can be split into several simple ones thereby streamlining the task workflow. What is more important, the subtasks can be assigned to different employees or departments which brings the flexibility of the underlying business process to a higher level.

To add subtask to the task template please use one of the following options:

1. Inside task template form open More > Subtask > Template.

2. Open task template page, More > Add Subtemplate.

Important: the parent template (base task template) acts as a grouping container; the subtasks are independent of each other.
After the template is created, you can easily Add new tasks using existing templates from main Tasks page.

Access Permissions For Task Template

Inside task template form, under More > Permissions you can add users with whom you want to share this template. Select access level  - Full access or Read only.

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