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Tasks with subtasks templates


Under My Workspace>Tasks you can find tasks templates option:

New tasks templates can be added with the help of "add template" tab:

The templates option allows to set various conditions to the task (responsible user, deadlines, add checklist, repeat task, etc.).

Subtasks come in handy when a strict control is required over complex and sophisticated tasks. Such tasks can be split into several simple ones thereby streamlining the task workflow. What is more important, the subtasks can be assigned to different employees or departments which brings the flexibility of the underlying business process to a higher level.

To add subtasks to the task template please use one of the following options:

1. Use "add template" tab - the template creation form will be opened, with the help of "base template" option choose the parent task template:

In this case you will turn the template into the subtask of the chosen base task template.

2. Open existing task template, use "add subtemplate" option:

Important: the parent template (base task template) acts as a grouping container; the subtasks are independent of each other.

After the template is created, you can easily create new tasks from existing templates on main Tasks page, just click on the template name to add a new task:

If you click on task with subtasks template, you'll get both parent task and subtasks from the template added:

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