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Checklists in tasks


Checklists can be very handy, they help to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out a task. When you need to list your steps & make sure you haven't forgotten anything to successfully complete the task - checklist may be the best option.

Checklists can be added directly in the new task creation form or later when you decide to edit the task. Click "full task form" to see more options:

Click "add" to add new checklist:

Checklist is presented as list with small checkboxes down the left hand side of the page:

You can delete, edit or change the list fields location & order at any time - e.g. drag&drop the field to the place where it should be:

Simply check the box when you've completed it, the task progress can be easily tracked this way:

If you need to know when the checklist's fields have been added or completed - this information can be found under "Change log":

If the task actions require other users involvement or may have different deadlines - it is more convenient to use subtasks:

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