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Search in Bitrix24 Intranet

Search in Bitrix24 Intranet

The Intranet search window is available from all Intranet pages, you can find it on the top:

Simply start typing the search phrase - the smart suggest will show the available results immediately - you can click on the result name as soon as it will be suggested:

The new tasks, messages and files will be included in the search results as soon as they appear in your Bitrix24.

Activity Stream search

When you need to find the particular Activity Stream discussion - the most convenient tool is Activity Stream search:

The search filter allows to limit results by author, recipient or type and date of the message:

Important: the search results display only those messages which the user has access to.

Search and filters in tasks

If you need to find a particular task, use the search option in the Tasks section:

Use filters to limit tasks shown in the list by status "in progress", "deferred", "completed", "overdue" or "almost overdue".

You can also filter tasks by "Role" and "Responsible person". If that's not enough, click Add field to show all available filter options.

You can save custom filters by clicking Save Filter:

Instant Messenger (chat) History

To search for the specific chat message first open the chat with user or workgroup and click Message history:

You can also search for the keywords or filter by date.

Other search options

You can also find search option in Bitrix24 CRM and Employees, and filter in Workflows.

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