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Add files to a Leave Approval workflow


Please note that business processes are available for Bitrix24 Standard & Professional plans only.

By default Leave Request Workflow doesn't provide the possibility to attach files to it, but this can be modified. Actually the workflow can be modified in many other ways as well (refer to Business Processes Training Course for more information), but in this article we will show how to add new field of file type to this particular workflow:

1. Open Administrative Workflows section located under Company menu:

On the Workflows page click the workflow you want to modify (Leave Request in our sample):

2. Open the workflow Settings:

We need Workflow fields section:

3. On the "Edit fields for workflow" page you will find all current fields presented in the workflow - these fields can be modified. We need to add a new field:

4. A new field creation wizard allows to choose from several options:

field name - name that will be displayed to the user applying;

field type - "file" in our sample;

required - if field is mandatory or not (important: if the field is marked as required users won't be able to send a request without attaching a file);

multiple - allows to set more than 1 value (in our sample this option will allow to attach more than 1 file);

show in new\edit item form - sets if the field is available only when a new workflow is added, or only when the workflow is edited, or in both cases.

After you save the new field conditions, the filed itself will appear in the workflow fields list. Remember you can always modify or delete it from here:

A new request form will look like this after:

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