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Custom fields in CRM dashboards (analytical reports)


Now Bitrix24 CRM analytical reports are conducted on the base of default CRM fields, but if you have added own custom fields & would like them to be included to the dashboards too - you need to configure which of your custom fields should be analyzed.

Open Settings > Form and report settings > Analytical reports.

Here you will find the list of available CRM entities and will be able to configure custom fields (that will be analyzed in the report) for each entity type.

Here is how the configuration is done:

- unroll the CRM entity details (use "+" tab);
- click "add" custom field & choose from the available fields;
- save;
- you will be notified that the "reports require that you update the statistics to run correctly", click to update.

Besides the custom fields, there is a possibility to choose field that will be taken into account when calculating the total sum. For example, by default the total sum of the deal is either the total amount of products attached or the value of the deal income field. If you want to add the cost of delivery to your total sum you can now do it with the help of report customization (Total Sum section - add product amount):

Please remember that you will need to run the report statistic update (you will be notified about it as described above), otherwise the modified report won't be collecting data for the previous periods. The process may take a long while if you have a lot of data to be updated.

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