Termination of the domain zone change service

Starting from October 28, 2021, we stop providing the Bitrix24 domain zone change service.

What does it mean?

Bitrix24 can be registered in any of the 18 domain zones like:

  •, etc.

Now you cannot change the domain zone in your Bitrix24 address. For example, from to

What to do?

To change the domain zone you can use the following options:

  1. Register a new Bitrix24 account in the desired zone and keep working. The Bitrix24 service does not have geographical limits for registration.

  2. Each zone may have its own peculiarities:
    • Bitrix24 location zone may affect the speed of your access to the account.

    • Your local laws may differ from the rules of the domain location zone. For example, personal data laws and server locations are strictly regulated in some countries.

    • Each zone has its own vendor legal entity, its own Bitrix24 tools, available payment methods, prices and currency, and partner support.

    Therefore, take these peculiarities into account when registering in a particular domain zone.
  3. Switch to the Professional or Enterprise plan and use your own domain for your Bitrix24 account.
In this case, the data storage region and regulations of the current domain zone, payment currencies, Market and other features mentioned above will be saved. Take this into account when migrating to your domain.
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