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Work time & work reports employee guide

Working time management and work reports are available to Bitrix24 Professional plan subscribers only.

The Working Time Management module overview can be found in the Training course. Here are some tips on how to use this module:

1. To start working day click green "Clock in" tab, to pause it click "Break", use "Continue" to resume & "Clock out" to finish.
Even if you have finished ("clock out") your working day - you can always click "continue working day" to log more working time spent.

2. If you haven't clocked out the previous day - you won't be able to start a new working day until the previous working day finish time is logged (you'll see red clock in\out tool alert):

Please note that you will have to set the previous day clock out time manually & may need to type in the reason as well (depending on the Time module settings configured by your intranet administrator). If the reason field is mandatory - you won't be able to log the previous day clock out time without giving the reason.

3. There are 2 different work report tools - "Daily Summary / Plan" & "Daily (Weekly \ Monthly) Report". Their main difference is that Daily Plan / Summary is the user's personal organization tool available at any time during the day – it can be filled with necessary information & edited, when the Work Report form appears automatically daily (weekly\monthly) at the particular time (depending on the settings configured by the administrator) & after the user click “send” – the form appears in the administrator’s Work Reports section under My Company.

4. Users can add information to the Daily Plan \ Summary tool and it will be automatically added to the Work Report form (it still can be edited in the Work Report form):

Please note that your Work Report can be edited after you’ve sent it to the supervisor (users can find their reports under My Company>Work reports):
But (!) only before the supervisor gives it a score (positive, negative, no score):
After the report has been scored - it automatically locks (no more available for editing) for the employee. Only supervisor (administrator) can change report’s status to “unconfirmed” to open the report for editing:

5. Tasks & calendar events: events from your personal calendars or events where you have been invited to - will be reflected in the Daily Plan tool. If you want tasks to be added to the Daily Plan tool – you need to check “Add to Daily Plan” option in the full task’s settings.

Alternatively – you can click “select from list” option to add tasks to your Daily Plan. New tasks & events can be easily added directly in the Daily Plan tool via a simple form too.

6. You can edit your work time directly in the Work Report form: navigate to Worktime section & click "edit" option:

It allows you to edit the beginning & end of your current working day (you may need to specify the time change reason):
Please note that the edited work time automatically receives “unconfirmed” status & will require further approval by your supervisor.
Your supervisor will see changed time log with the special "!" symbol - which means that this time is not confirmed & requires attention:
After employee's changes in work time are confirmed - this employee automatically receives a notification & the time log appears with approved green sign:

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