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Employees list

All users invited to your Bitrix24 account can be found under Company > Employees. Switch between different list views with the help of the following filters:


All active account users, who have accepted your invitation. Use Settings tab next to each user name to perform the following actions: add task, send message, open message log (chat history), dismiss, edit profile or perform a video call:

Inactive Users

Inactive users - are all dismissed account users.

Important: dismissed users cannot be completely deleted from the system.
Click on the dismissed user name to open user's tasks, Activity Stream messages, Drive (files) & calendar. 

After the user has been dismissed, he\she disappears from the chat - but you can find your & him\her chat history with the help of "Message Log" option in the inactive user settings. Dismissed employee can be hired back at any time.

Extranet Users

External users invited to Bitrix24 Extranet workgroups are listed here. As you know, Extranet users have limited access to your account (see intranet vs extranet user comparison chart here).

Invited Users

Invited users are users that you have invited to your account, but they haven't accepted the invitation yet. these users can be totally deleted from the system). Invited users can be completely deleted from your account.

All Users

Here you will find all users associated with your account - active, inactive, invited & Extranet users.

User status & rights

Account users are shown with rights (administrator) & company role (supervisor) marks:

Find Users

There are 3 search options available to find your account users:
  • Main account search (located on the upper panel of your account)
  • Employees list search
  • Alphabetic filter

More actions with employees list:

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