Bitrix24 Terms of Service: updates on July 1, 2022

We are updating our Terms of Service.

Here is a summary of the changes to the TERMS OF SERVICE that take effect on July 1, 2022.

What’s new?

  1. Please note that, in connection with the new Apple Inc. requirements, starting June 30, 2022, any of your users must have an option to initiate deletion of its user account within the iOS mobile app, which entails the loss of access to the related Bitrix24 Customer Account. In section 21 of our TOS, we made amendments that reflect these changes. Please read this section carefully.

  2. We clarified section "Fees and Payment" to give a better understanding of our pricing policy (please refer to §7).

  3. Please note that Bitrix24 has the right to modify, restructure, or terminate any Service Plan or Archived Plan at its sole discretion (please refer to §7.3).

  4. For the purpose of clarification, we updated §16.1 "Modifications of the Website, the Services, and the Products".

  5. In §31.1., we emphasize that Administrator must keep their e-mail valid and available in order not to miss any significant notifications, including the ones connected with the Terms of Service.

  6. Also, we updated the text in the §8.2.
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