Updates in mobile tasks

We have released a new version of tasks in Bitrix24 Mobile app. Now, you can create a detailed task and control its progress using your mobile phone anywhere at any time.

The biggest change is the new task creation form. You can specify the task name and responsible person, attach files and set deadlines. In the extended form, you can add other details: checklist, project, description, participants etc.

In the updated mobile tasks there are some additional fields that were available only in web version before (e.g. task status summary).

Besides that, the mobile tasks support adding tags now. Select the required tag in the corresponding field or create a new one. Also, you can add a tag in the task name or description with the help of the # sign. Just enter a key word after this sign and it will be recognised as a tag (e.g. #sales).

When working in a large team, it is crucial to be sure that your colleagues won't miss any important information. For this purpose, we made a focus on comments in mobile tasks. Now, all new comments and ping messages are displayed in a special panel at the bottom of the task form. If an employee adds a comment, the task will be marked with a green counter and moved up the list.

Read more in the article - Tasks in Bitrix24 Mobile app.
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