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Menu customization (Self-hosted)

MAKE Interactive, Bitrix Gold Partner, Netherlands.

IMPORTANT: This integration is currently available for self-hosted Bitrix24 only.

Modifying the menu in Bitrix24 is a little tricky, because the menu items are generated from various sources and displayed according to various access permissions and user preferences. However, the menu can be manipulated and rearranged in whatever way you need. As a side note, several clients have replaced the menu with a vertical menu so as to save space on the page.

In this case, a company needed to include a large number of content pages in their intranet and so requested another level in the regular menu. The result is a 3rd level of menu items that collapse like the second level.

1. The feature does not interfere with My Workspace.
2. The implementation did not require the extra menu sections to support the personalized menu tool (the gear at the top right of the menu).
3. It does support the Create Page function and automatic menu item creation.

If you are interested in this or similar customization in your onsite Bitrix24 installation, please contact Make-Interactive directly:

Services: Cloud & Self-hosted versions
Location: Tilburg, the Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)13-7620150

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