Free apps in Bitrix24.Market

The Bitrix24.Market applications extend the standard functionality of your Bitrix24. Commercial plan users can install a certain number of free apps.

How many free apps can be installed?

The number of free applications you can install depends on your Bitrix24 plan. You can uninstall the application and install another one.

Read more information in the article: Delete Bitrix24.Market apps.

How to find free applications

Go to the Market section. All free applications will be marked with a special icon.

You can find a full list of free applications in the Catalog > Top Free Solutions section.

Can I install the app on the Free plan?

All Bitrix24.Market applications can be installed only on commercial plans. You can activate Free 15-Day Trial mode and have access to the tools of the maximum Bitrix24 plan for 15 days.

Read more information in the article: Free 15-Day Trial.
Important! Make sure to delete all installed applications from the Market before the end of the Trial Mode, otherwise you will be blocked.

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