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New features of mobile CRM

Mobile CRM has been updated, and now it includes more useful features of the web version.

Also, there are support articles in the mobile app to help you figure out how to use the new options.

Work with leads, estimates, and invoices

In addition to deals, you can create and manage leads, estimates, and invoices in mobile CRM. Fill in CRM entity form, add products, and track CRM activities in timeline.

Read more in the articles: Invoices in mobile CRM and Create an estimate.

Switch CRM mode

Now you can decide how to work with your clients in CRM and select CRM mode (simple or classic) right in the mobile app.

Read more in the article - Switch CRM mode.

Create CRM entities from source

In mobile CRM, you can create an entity based on another and move a customer through a sales funnel.

Read more in the article - Create CRM entities from source.

Generate documents in mobile CRM

Generate a document from your own template and send it to your client from the mobile app. Save your time and create a document during the meeting with a customer, even being out of the office.

Read more in the article - Documents in mobile CRM.

Invite a customer to Telegram chat

Now you can connect Telegram to Bitrix24 right in the mobile app. Send your client an SMS with a link to your Telegram bot and proceed with a chat room conversation. The communication history is saved to the corresponding CRM entity form.

Read more in the article - Invite a customer to Telegram chat.

Manage emails in the mobile app

Email remains one of the main channels of communication with customers. Now you can communicate with them by email in your mobile CRM. The correspondence history is saved in the customer form.

Read more in the article - Email in mobile CRM.

Take advantage of Proactive CRM

Proactive CRM in Bitrix24 mobile app will help you keep track of deals, even if you do not have a laptop at hand. Thanks to this sales concept, you and your employees will organize the work process better and complete all the activities on time.

Read more in the article - Proactive CRM.

Accept payment in the deal form

CRM.Payment is now available in mobile CRM. Contact your client, accept payment, and track its status in the mobile app anywhere at any time.

Read more in the article - Accept payment in the deal form.
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