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Unlimited communications


Bitrix24 communication tools are available to unlimited number of users. You can invite any number of users to your Bitrix24, they will be able to use Activity Stream messages, chats, mobile app - for free.

Communication tools include:

  • Activity Stream
  • Chat & video calls
  • Telephony (access to tools, calls are charged individually due to telephony rates)
  • Mail
  • Network 2.0
  • HR tools (Company Structure, employees (list), employee profile page)
  • Mobile app
Business tools are free for 12 users only. If you need business tools to be available for more than 12 users, please choose one of Bitrix24 paid plans subscriptions.
Business tools include:
  • CRM
  • Tasks & workgroups (projects)
  • Calendars
  • Bitrix24.Disk
  • Business processes ( Standard & Professional plan only)
  • Open Channels
  • Work time management (Professional plan only)
  • Work reports (Professional plan only)
  • Meetings & Briefings (Professional plan only)
  • Extranet
How to identify 12 users who are given access to free business tools

First 12 users who accepted invitations to your Bitrix24 after registration are automatically granted with free access to the business tools. Bitrix24 administrator will be able to manage users list after and configure access to business tools (please refer to the Settings page). Please note that changes in the users access to business tools can be performed once per day (24hrs) only.  

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