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Forward call to specified number option


You can configure call forwarding in Queue group settings > Missed call processing. There are two ways to get to this section:

  1. When you configure the phone number preferences: Telephony > Connection > Configure number > Forward inbound call to queue group > Queue group settings.
  2. Or you can configure queue group first and then select this group for a particular number: Telephony > Queues > Add queue group or Edit the existing queue group.

Important: to configure option "forward call to specified number" - make sure you have:

  •  option "Direct incoming calls to the responsible Bitrix24 user if caller is identified" under option number 3 disabled. 
  • under Forward inbound call to queue line (number 4) no employees are chosen (queue is empty). 

Please note:

  1. This type of call will be listed in call details with undefined user mark.
  2. Such call won't be added to the CRM even if you have , in fact,option "check for number in CRM records" enabled.
  3. The call will anyway first go through your Bitrix24 portal and be forwarded further after. The call can be forwarded to the user's mobile phone directly (without going through your Bitrix24 & awaiting user's reaction) only if the user has offline status.
  4. There cannot be a queue for call forwarding. Call forwarding will be applied to only one of the users listed in queue (available for options "evenly" or "exactly as enqueued"; "to everybody" option is not supported for this scenario).
  5. Call forwarding is, in fact, an outbound call, which means you won't be able to forward a call to one user's mobile phone number and then transfer it to another user's number.
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