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Zoiper softphone configuration for Android

Bitrix24 users can connect SIP phones for their Bitrix24 accounts. Here is an example of Zoiper softphone configuration for Android.

Important: we do not guarantee any softphone smooth work with Bitrix24. In case you are facing any difficulties with the softphone work – please contact it’s developer for technical assistance.

First of all you need to install Zoiper app on your Android device. Please follow the steps below for the further configuration:

1. Open the app & click on the configuration gear in the right top corner

2. Select "Accounts"

3. Click Add Account

4. Answer the question “Do you already have an account?” – as “Yes” (You already have Bitrix24 account)

5. Account setup – choose “Manual configuration”

6. The final settings page will require the configuration data from your Bitrix24 phone number per user page. There following fields in Zoiper configuration settings are required:

- Account name: you can add any custom name here
- Host: copy server name form the Bitrix24 page
- Username: copy login from Bitrix24 page
- Password: copy password from Bitrix24 page

Other fields may be left blank. Save.

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