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Multiple Pipelines and Sales Funnels in Bitrix24 CRM


If you are a Bitrix24 Standard or Professional user, you now have access to multiple pipelines and sales funnels. Why is this important? Suppose, you run a car dealership. This means that you have multiple profit centers – you sell cars, parts, insurance, accept trade-ins and do repairs – to name a few. 

The problem is that the sales process for new or used cars is totally different than one for selling parts or insurance. Setting up a test drive is an important stage for selling or leasing a car, but it’s simply not applicable to insurance sales or oil changes, which don’t involve multiple sale stages. Even when you sell a single product, upselling and renewals are usually treated as different pipelines. 

That’s why multiple pipelines and sales funnels are so handy. If you are using the Free plan, first go to Subscription and click 'Upgrade' in order to activate 30 Day Bitrix24 Professional trial. Then go to CRM Settings > Start Point > Deal Pipelines and add a new Pipeline:
Important: multiple pipelines & sales funnels are available to Bitrix24 Standard or Professional plan subscribers.
  • Bitrix24 Standard plan - 10 pipelines, one of them is General (default pipeline), and the other nine are custom pipelines which can be created in CRM Settings. 
  • Bitrix24 CRM+ plan - unlimited number of pipelines.
  • Bitrix24 Professional plan - unlimited number of pipelines.
You can change sorting number here as well, if necessary. Then click Edit Stages and create new stages. Each pipeline can have different stages (you can customize stages names, order & colors). 
Important: now, when you create a new deal, you should select which pipeline it should belong to. Please note that you won't be able to change the pipeline connection after the deal has already been created (there is no "pipeline" field in the deal form). To add a new deal, first select pipeline on Deals page & then click on Add tab.

By default, all users have General pipeline. Bitrix24 Standard or Professional plan administrators (or users who have option "user can edit settings" in CRM Settings > Access Permissions enabled) can add custom pipeline inside CRM Settings. 

You can customize deal form for each pipeline, for that click add new deal & choose pipeline, configure form & save (or save for all users). 

Important: you can configure access permissions for each pipeline in CRM Settings > Access Permissions > Edit Role (access can be configured for different actions such as read, add, update, delete, export, import deal pipeline and it's stages). 

After you do that, you can go to Sales Funnel and select which pipeline you want to build the funnel for in order to analyze your sales process and estimate future sales. 

Read more about Sales funnel in the article - Sales funnel.
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