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Bitrix24 Free plan allows small team of 12 users to try & use Bitrix24 basic CRM features for free without any time limit. The basic CRM set includes leads, contacts, companies, deals, quotes & invoices and main actions with them. Though several actions & sections of the CRM are available in Advanced CRM only, such is a CRM History. Advanced CRM is available for all commercial plans – Bitrix24 Plus, Standard and Professional.


Bitrix24 Advanced CRM shows the history of changes - i.e. who accessed or changed CRM entry - and you will be able to restore previous values, if necessary. Here is a list of actions shown under History: 

  • New fields added to CRM records form
  • CRM record’s field value change
  • CRM record status change
  • View
  • Export
  • Activities created (tasks, meetings, calls)
  • Activities status change
  • Products added

The History can help you to track sales managers activities or restore some data, i.e. when user has accidentally deleted contact phone number, etc. 

Call Activities & Call Logs 

Call activities are shown both under CRM History & Activities (use Filter type = calls to view calls separately from other activities). Besides that you can find detailed call logs & recordings under Telephony > Balance & Statistics > Itemized Bill (read more about Call Logs).

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