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Face Tracker Overview

Watch people visiting your brick and mortar locations.

Face tracker will log and count visitors in your shop or office: total visitors for today; new visitors; returning visitors; visitors that already exist in your CRM.
  • Instant search by photo among people registered in your CRM.
  • Bitrix24 can also find a social profile by photo and add the profile to your CRM (VK social network currently supported).

Take a picture of your client to add it to the system. Bitrix24 will recognize the client on the next encounter thus you'll know they are a returning customer.

Install a camera in your shop or office to log your visitors and keep statistics. 

Auto recording & face recognition

You can set auto mode for face recording & recognition on Face Tracker page. You will need a computer with a web camera looking into clients entrance direction. Make sure that the camera location allows it to capture client's full face. 
Important: Please note that you are fully responsible for making sure use of face recognition tools comply with your local laws an regulations.  

Take pictures of your clients manually 

This option may be helpful when your region or country legislation demands that your clients should be notified about face recording and should provide their agreement for such actions. 

Use blue camera tab below the real-time camera screen to take a picture. 

Save To CRM

Currently you can save recognized clients to the CRM only manually. For example, you can check recognized clients at the end of the day & save them as new leads to the CRM. 

Recognition credits

Important: Purchasing this license covers up to 1000 recognitions within one month.

We will deduct credits from the monthly allocated 1000 credit total according to this table:

  • new face recognition - 2 credits
  • existing face recognition - 1 credit
  • matching face to VK profile - 10 credits

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