Reports in Tasks

Report Wizard is a universal report designer. It helps you create reports and analyze the results of work of a specific department or the whole company.

Reports in Tasks and CRM are different. Read more in the article – Report wizard.

How to create new tasks report

Go to Tasks and Projects > More > Reports.

You can create a new report from scratch by clicking Add report button:

First, you need to add report's name & reporting period (time period that will be applied for the report).


This section allows to configure report's columns.

Click Add to add new columns from the list.

Tick the column to use the Calculate column option and display calculated amount or number of unique values under report's column (total).

Use up and down arrow tabs to configure columns order in report.

Delete column or edit its name with the help of options available on the right next to column's name line.

For numeric data types you can use "% of" option to display column value in percentage.


Use + (-) tabs to add (delete) filters that will be shown in the right side widget on report's page. Filters will allow you to limit data shown in reports (based on selected filters conditions).

After adding filters, you can select the way you want to limit the results: by all conditions or any condition.

Use and/or option to create complex conditions (in order to avoid overcomplicated conditions branches, conditions are limited to 4 levels entry).


Tick Show chart to construct a chart for your report. Choose arguments & values to be shown in the chart.

Not all the data types can be used to construct a chart.

When viewing a report, you can untick a box below the chart to hide its value.

Share configured report template with your colleagues by clicking Add more button. This option helps you share report template only (not report itself with your report data).

You can also create a report based on one of the pre-made task reports: Involvement in projects, Tasks this month, Efficiency Report, Tasks for last month, Task resource tracking, Employee resource tracking.

Read more in the article - Standard Reports in Tasks.

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