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You can connect any folder of your Bitrix24 (My Drive or Company Drive) to your Newtork Drive from Bitrix24.Drive > Settings:

Bitrix24.Drive folders can be connected to Network Drive due to previously configured access permissions for Bitrix24 files. Important: in case you connect document library as Network Drive, you'll get business processes option for these files in Bitrix24. 

Connecting The Library in Windows XP or higher

  • After you click on "Network Drive" option is Settings, copy the address shown in the "Use this address to connect:". 
  • Open the Start Menu > Run > cmd and insert address that you've copied in the step above. You need to insert it right after net use z: (z or any other letter of your network drive, e.g. q)
  • Click Enter, add your Bitrix24 account password & click Enter again.

Connecting The Library in Mac OS and Mac OS X

  • Select Finder Go > Connect to Server command;
  • Type in the library address in "Server Address":

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