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How To Create A New Account From Bitrix24 Network


If you have already registered at Bitrix24.Network, you can create a new Bitrix24 account at any time. Here is how:

  • Log in at Bitrix24.Network
  • Open "My Bitrix24" menu
  • Click "Create Bitrix24"
  • Add your company name (in case the name is taken already the system will suggest alternative variants)
  • Accept Terms of Service & click "Create"

You have created a new Bitrix24 account! 

First Steps In A New Bitrix24 Account

1. Select most used items (CRM, Tasks or Communications) - it will determine what page will be displayed as main page - CRM, Tasks or Activity Stream messages. This can be reset later with the help of Configure menu option.

2. Remember you can always use Help section in the right top corner (blue "?" icon) to learn more about Bitrix24. 

3. Fill out your profile: click on person icon in the top panel > My profile > edit profile. Here you can add your photo, position, set date of birth, etc. 

4. Open Main Account Settings to configure work time parameters, set company name to display in the header, etc. Here you can choose one of 2 available options to be used by the system: company & employees or organization & users (the last one may be of interest for non profits, various communities, educational or religious institutions or other clubs).

Remember that you can always navigate from your Bitrix24 account to your Bitrix24 Network profile page and back. 

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