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Automation Rules tips

You already know how to configure automation rules for leads and deals. But there are several tips you may find helpful:

  • Add CRM records fields to automation rules

For example, user notification. When a deal has it's stage changed for the one you have added automation rule to, the system sends a notification to the selected user (e.g. deal's responsible user or particular employee). The notification text can be quite informative if you add deal's information to it: deal name, amount, responsible user, pipeline, etc. See below:

In this case, when the deal stage is changed the selected user will get an extended notification:

  • Let the system create invoices (or quotes) automatically when the deal reaches a definite stage (e.g. closed won).
 For example, add an automation rule Create Using for deal stage Closed Won and select Invoice. 

A new invoice will be created automatically - and will be available under Deal's Invoices section.

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