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Advanced Telephony

You can start using Bitrix24 Telephony from Bitrix24 Free plan, but it may come with several limitations. If you plan to actively use CRM & telephony integration, take a look at what Bitrix24 Advanced Telephony has to offer:
  • Unlimited call recordings - vs. Free and Project+ plan limitation of 100 recordings per month. 
  • Simultaneous call to all available employees - the call will be queued to all employees available (queue type = to everybody). Not available at Bitrix24 Free and Project+ plan. 
  • Assess quality of service - offer a customer a chance to assess the quality of service after they have ended conversation.
  • Call source tracking (marketing) - derive call source from phone number (CRM)
  • Automatic Dialer - automatically dials telephone numbers of the selected clients list; once the call is answered, the autodialer connects the call to a live person. 
  • IVRa technology that allows Bitrix24 Telephony and CRM to interact with your clients through dialpad input. IVR is available in Standard and CRM+(2 levels - go to another level voice menu) and Professional (unlimited levels of voice menu) plans. The Multi-level IVR allows a caller to use a hierarchical call menu structure to reach a specific department\employee, leave a voice message, repeat current menu recording, etc.  
  • Custom telephony access permissions - per-user call and telephony settings access permissions are available in CRM+, Standard and Professional plans.
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