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Synchronize Bitrix24 calendar with Android device

Follow these steps to sync your Bitrix24 calendar with Android mobile device: (sync process described below is based on Android 7.0, if you have a different Android version sync route may be different):

1. Install Bitrix24 app from GooglePlay.

2. Open device Settings > Cloud & Accounts

3. Go to Accounts:

4. Click on Add Account

5. Choose Bitrix24 in the apps list & fill in your Bitrix24 details: your Bitrix24 account address (domain), your Bitrix24 login & password.

6. After authorization is completed & Bitrix24 is added to the accounts list, open Bitrix24 & click on Sync turned off:

7. Under Sync Settings select Calendars:

8. You can find connected Bitrix24 Calendar inside your phone Calendar app. Open Manage Calendars to configure which calendars are shown on your phone, here you can enable Bitrix24 calendar view: 

That's it! Your Bitrix24 calendar is now available on your mobile. All  events will become synchronized automatically.

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