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Filters & Smart Search For Tasks

New filters & smart search are now available for tasks as well. 

Tasks filters: 
  • Provide fast and easy navigation between tasks statuses - in progress, completed, overdue, etc.
  • Are fully customizable: configure your own filters, drag & drop or edit them
  • Allow admins to save filters for all account users
  • Can be pinned 
New Tasks search: 
  • Searches throughout all tasks the user has access to
  • Immediately shows search results
  • Indexes new tasks & tasks descriptions in real time 
You can apply both filters and keywords to achieve best search results.
How to work with new filters 

Use Add field tab to open list of available tasks fields, select ones you want to add to the filter. To delete fields form Filter also clikc on Add field tab and disable fields you need to delete. 

Click on the Settings icon in the left bottom corner of the filter to access more options:
  • drag & drop, edit name or delete left side default filters
  • pin filter
  • apply for all users - configured filter will be saved for all account users.
If you'd like to save configured filter & add it to the left side filters list, use Save Filter tab.

Remember, you can always apply Reset to Default option if you'd like to reset configured filters.
You can search through the number of tasks specified in your plan description. Once you hit the limit, you won't be able to search through tasks by word or part of the word. You'll be able to use default filters and filters you've created earlier.
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