Filters & Smart Search in Tasks

The more you work with clients, the more tasks you create. When there are many tasks in which you participate, it is difficult to control their progress and meet their deadlines.

You can use filter and search to find the tasks you need or create custom filters to simplify your work.

You can search through the number of tasks specified in your plan description. Once you hit the limit, you won't be able to search through tasks by word or part of the word. You'll be able to use default filters and filters you've created earlier.

How the filter works

Go to Tasks and Projects section > Tasks. Click the small gray arrow to access filters by roles: Ongoing, Assisting, Set by me, Following.

Filter tasks at your convenience. Click on the search bar to apply one of the standard filters in the left side and navigate fast between tasks statuses: in progress, completed, deferred, overdue, almost overdue.

Use the fields in the right side to filter tasks by their responsible person, your role in them or other parameters.

To configure the standard filters, click the gear button. Then you can pin, edit or delete the filters by clicking the corresponding buttons.

Remember, you can always apply Reset to default option if you'd like to reset configured filters.

Account administrator can save the configured filters for all account users due to the Apply for all users option.

How to create a custom filter for tasks

Click Add field button to open the list of available tasks fields and tick ones you want to add to the filter. To delete fields form filter, click the cross icon to the right of these fields.

Click Save filter in the bottom left corner. Enter the filter name and click Save.

Now you can use your custom filter to keep track of those tasks.

How the smart search works

Smart search allows a user to search throughout all tasks he/she has access to. Just enter a word or a part of the word in the search bar.

If this word or part of the word is included in the task name, description or comments, you will see such a task in the search results.

You can apply both filters and keywords to achieve best search results.

How to find tasks added to favorites

To find the tasks which you added to favorites, click Add field button in the filter and tick Tasks parameters field.

Select In Favorites parameter and click Search.

Then you will see all the tasks added to favorites.

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