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CRM counters

You have probably noticed counters above the CRM records List or Kanban views. These counters show the number of CRM records limited by Activity deadline parameter. You will find 3 types of counters on CRM records pages:
  • Without Activities - number of CRM records with no activities planned.
  • With Today's Activities - number of CRM records with activities that expire today.
  • With Overdue Activities - number of CRM records with overdue activities (not finished activities with deadline in the past).
Click on any of the counters to go to the records grouped by activity deadline parameter. For example, you want to see records where no activities are planned, meaning the sales process is being put on hold. Click on Without Activities counter in Leads to open all leads with no activities planned.  Without Activities counter is optional & can be configured by CRM administrator under CRM > More > Settings > Other > other Settings > Activities > Activity Common Parameter > Include deals & leads without activities in menu counters
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