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Import tasks (via partner)

Bitrix24 does not support tasks import, but our partner MAKE Interactive has developed a method for tasks import. A brief overview of the method below:
Please contact the partner for details.
When migrating to Bitrix24, one of the long-standing problems has been how to import existing tasks from your old system. The answer up to now has generally been manual input. MAKE Interactive has developed a method for importing tasks en masse to your new Bitrix24 intranet, as long as you can provide the task data as an Excel or CSV file. The method works for both cloud-based and self-hosted Bitrix24 intranets. 

Since this real work is done outside Bitrix24, we are offering import as a service to users with a large number of tasks to import. We can perform the entire process ourselves, or provide you with simple instructions along with an output file so that you can complete the process yourself without providing access to your Bitrix24 intranet. 

A sample CSV file with column headings can be downloaded here. A few notes about this: 

1.     The usual mandatory fields must be completed (Creator, Responsible, etc.). Others can be left blank. 
2.     Flexible deadline, Time Tracking, Approval before Closing, and Include in Efficiency Report should have Y/N values. 
3.     Import does not support subtasks or checklists inside the tasks as they are stored separately from the individual task. 
4.     Workgroup should be the Workgroup ID number 
5.     Creator, Responsible, Participants, and Observers should be filled in with the USER ID numbers of these users from your Bitrix24 portal. There are columns for names at the end of the table if that is all that is available, but extra steps will be required. 
a.     Since Bitrix24 does support mass re-assignment from any user’s task list, reassignment of tasks after import is not a big problem, it is just an extra step. 

MAKE Interactive has extensive knowledge of the Bitrix24 system and is a prolific maker of apps and modules for Bitrix24. For more information about mass import of tasks or any of our other services, contact us at
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