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Workgroup Calendar

Each workgroup has a set of features that can be either activated or deactivated for the group & calendar is one of them. Workgroup calendars work same way as your My Calendar, with the only difference is that the workgroup calendar is available for all group members with same or different access permissions. The group calendar is designed for your convenience, so that you can create events related to the particular group & invite all group members to it. 

Configure workgroup calendar

Open workgroup Actions > Edit Group > Features to activate (or deactivate) Calendar section:

To configure Access Permissions for the Calendar click on Calendar name in the right side widget & click Edit:

Go to Access Permissions section and configure access for workgroup visitors, moderators, all group members or add individual users:

How to add an event

Use Add tab to add a new event to the group calendar:

Set event name, start and end time & date, location, availability or reminder under Event section:

Since workgroup events are usually added for all group members - Guests section comes in handy. Here you can check all group members time availability for the event & add other users as well:

Note the options below the users availability widget allows to:
  • set notifications for the event creator when attendees confirm or decline invitation
  • invite again (if user declines the initial invitation)
  • make event public (any account user can join)
The More section contains a set of important options such as:
  • repeat event - make recurring event for the workgroup
  • set importance
  • color - set event color
  • connect CRM records to the event

Add workgroup calendar to favorite calendars

There is no need to go to the workgroup each time you need to check your group calendar, simply add it to the Favorites & it will appear under your main My Calendar section.

Here is how:

Go to the workgroup calendar & open Settings > Configure Favorite Calendars:

In the Favorite Calendar window go to Group Calendars and select your workgroup, Save:

That's it! Now this workgroup calendar will be shown on your My Calendar page.
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