Processing Errors (Failed Transaction)

Please DO NOT provide any sensitive data (such as your credit card details or PayPal account credentials) in an email message or by phone. Bitrix employees will never ask for this information.

Credit or debit card payment failed

Please double check your card information and billing details, including:   

  • Cardholder name

  • Card number

  • Valid though date

  • CVV

  • Country

  • Postal code / ZIP

All card details are validated by the payment gateway and payment processor, if there’s a mismatch – your transaction attempt will likely to fail.

 If you are located outside US, your transaction attempt will be marked as ‘international’ by the processor. Some card issuers (banks) do not allow or limit card usage for international transactions. You may need to get in touch with your bank to find out if your card can be used for international online transactions in USD.

Also, some card issuers (banks) set limits for online transactions (e.g. USD 3,000), you may need to get in touch with your bank to lift this limit for your card.

PayPal payment failed 

Please get in touch with the PayPal support team to find out if your PayPal account and the card linked to it are allowed for recurrent online payments. When this issue is resolved, please try placing your order once again.

Automatic subscription renewal failed

If an automatic subscription renewal failed, you will receive a corresponding email notification. The automatic subscription renewal failure could be the result of the following:

  • Your card has reached the credit limit.

  • Your card has expired or become otherwise inactive.

  • Insufficient funds in the account.

  • Your card issuing bank network was [temporarily] unavailable.

  • A general system failure 

Our billing mechanism will attempt to charge your card once again within the next 2 days. Before the second attempt, we recommend that you check your credit or debit card information inside your Bitrix24 account, here: Subscription > Billing Info.

If the card information seems to be up-to-date, you may also get in touch with your bank to find out if everything is ok with your bank account and the card. Please note that after 2 unsuccessful processing attempts your Bitrix24 account will be rolled back to the Free subscription plan.

Credit or debit card or PayPal already used for another Bitrix24 account

One credit card (or one PayPal account) can be used for one Bitrix24 cloud account. If you wish to use your card (or PayPal account) for several cloud accounts, please send your request to In your email, please make sure to specify URLs of all Bitrix24 cloud accounts for which you wish to use your card (or PayPal account), also please provide the last four digits of your card (or your PayPal account email address).

Telephony credits balance top-up is limited or failed

To purchase telephony credits, please use a credit or debit card that support 3D-Secure feature (SMS verification for online transactions), or PayPal.

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